An Introduction

Warm blessings readers, today I would like to introduce myself to you.

matthew-trujilloMy name is Matthew Trujillo and I am a witch. I am also a licensed massage therapist, a holistic healer, a lover of nature and the owner of Hearth of the Goddess. I created this business to share my spiritual and creative ventures with like-minded people and to create a community where thoughts and ideas can be freely exchanged.

My first step onto the path of becoming a witch, was taken when I was still quite young. Whenever I saw witches or fortune tellers depicted in media as a child, I knew that I wanted to be like them. Instead of making mud pies outside, I always made magical potions out of water, leaves and dirt. I would also try and predict the future by holding my breath and concentrating really hard, but this usually just lead to a headache. I even used to willingly take the role of evil step mother when I was playing with my friends because she had a witchy energy about her.

When I was a young teenager I learned what astrology was by chancing upon a pamphlet which vaguely described the different zodiac signs and provided a horoscope for the month ahead for each of them. It fascinated me like nothing else had up to that point in my life. Learning that the invisible energies of various heavenly bodies had an effect upon people’s lives turned my world upside down. What other things were affected by energy, and how could I learn more?

Complete Book of AstrologyI treasured that pamphlet until I was able to get my hands on a real book about astrology. My first book was The Complete Book of Astrology by Caitlin Johnstone, and I absolutely devoured it. I had found the deeper meaning behind the signs that the pamphlet had introduced to me, and the lid of the cauldron was blown off. I had to learn more.

My next metaphysical purchase was a dinky set of tarot cards produced by Barnes & Noble that I honestly would not recommend. At the time, I didn’t care. I owned tarot cards, and I was finally a fortune teller like the ones I had seen on tv and in movies. I quickly discovered that tarot reading was just as complicated as astrology, and went looking for more books.

I read every book I could get my hands on about divination, spirituality and religion. I finished all of the books my local library had on these topics and went searching online for more. At this point I had been attending Catholic school for nearly ten years, and was very wary of the words ‘witch’ and ‘magic.’ A Christian upbringing had associated those things with evil in my teenage brain, but I still began to question my faith.

The first leap I took away from Catholicism was the form of ‘Gnosticism’ that Sylvia Browne spoke about in her books. It included the Christian God and Jesus, but it also included a goddess figure called Azna. I had never conceived of the divine as feminine before, and it was new and exciting for me.

Wicca for SolitaryFurther research on Goddess worship led me to Wicca, and in particular Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham. Scott describes the divinities of Wicca as the Triple Goddess of the Moon and the Horned God of Nature. This struck a chord with me, and I followed his lead for a few years. Through his work I also learned that witchcraft was not an evil practice, and I began to call myself a witch. From this point on I devoured book after book on witchcraft, magic, religion, spirituality, magic, divination and other related topics. Most of my senior year was honestly spent reading books on witchcraft instead of doing my real homework.

At this point, I have identified myself as a witch for over 13 years, and have learned so much on this path. I am now well on my journey, but I know that there are still many, many steps ahead of me. My Pagan faith has transformed me into a healer and healthcare professional, a professional witch, a protector of nature and a true child of the Goddess.

I am ready for the next big step on my journey, and I sincerely hope that you will join me on this well-worn path which was sculpted for us by the brave witches who came before us.

Love and light,